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Search Intent and SEO: Tips to Boost your Website Content (and your Bottom Line)

Oct 20, 2022

What does intent mean for Google SEO and how will it boost your business’s bottom line?

User intent, also called searcher intent, is what Google infers from the phrase that a searcher types into the search bar. But how do you use Intent to bring visitors to your website? We’ll explore the way that Google has set up its search engine to look for intent so it can deliver the best results to online queries and how you can aline your content to target the intent of your best prospects. Then well make this info actionable so you can use it to boost your business’s visibilty online.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn what intent means for search engines
  • Learn why search intent is impart for SEO
  • Learn how to use searcher intent to get found on Google
  • Find actionable ways to broaden your reach to engge better prospects

Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization: SEO basics to boost your business's bottom line

Dec 1, 2022

Getting found on Google can mean the difference between your business’s succeeding and stagnating. We can help you optimize your business website so that you get found by Google searchers with needs targeted to your products and services. We’ll look at both on-page SEO – what your website visitor sees – and off-page, behind the scenes essentials. These give Google everything it needs to put your site in front of the right Google searchers. Once you are getting visitors to your site, you can show them how your products and servcies fulfill their needs, increasing their satisfaction and your bottom line.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn what SEO is and why it is important for your business
  • Learn how keywords work and how to use them
  • Learn on page and off page techniques to boost SEO

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Get Found by the Right Google Searchers

SEO does not have to be difficult, but getting it right is the difference between increasing your client base and simply treading water with your website content.

After years of running an enterprise-level, million-plus-dollar-a-year-budget, SEO content-producing machine, we are bringing our expertise to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

We have broken the content creation process down to a science. Now you can get access to that process to create your own SEO marketing plan.

Course content

  1. Overview of search and Google algorithms 
  2. Terms, definitions, and acronyms 
  3. Debunk the myth that SEO is hard
  1. Website vs digital landing page
  2. Local search hacks for immediate gains 
  3. Word count and Google crawls
  1. Define your ideal customer
  2. Determine their pain points
  3. Brainstorm topics for you to relieve those needs 
  1. Determine your goals (what does “convert” mean to your business)
  2. How often to post
  3. Plan for the year, the quarter, or the month
  4. Dial in your topics for maximum reach and impact
  1. Keyword research
  2. Evaluate your competition
  3. Craft your title and subheads
  4. Determine the ideal word count
  1. Overview
  2. Outline
  3. Meta description
  4. Article text
  1. Words sell but images keep readers engaged
  2. Free and paid image sources
  1. Formatting your text with the future in mind
  2. Links and link building
  1. Analytics and tracking
  2. Review, revise, repupose old content
  3. Redirects and updates
  4. Troubleshoot tech issues
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