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Join one of our seminars through SCORE. We'll answer your SEO questions and help boost your online content.

Sora Creative Content provides teaching and strategy for your online content. We partner with SCORE Silicon Valley to offer a series of seminars aimed at small- to medium-sized business to help you a customized plan to get found by the right Google searchers for customer acquisition.

Based in San Jose, California – the heart of Silicon Valley – we serve your global SEO needs.

Non-profits, small businesses, and solopreneurs can now tap into the world of organic marketing with SEO strategy from Sora Creative Content



About Cecily

My passion is storytelling to connect your business with the people who need you

Whether you’re in a service industry, sell a product, or run a non-profit, you bring something unique and vital to the marketplace. But you can’t fill that need if no one can find you online. That’s where my proven writing, editing, and SEO experience comes in. I’ve gotten businesses noticed across such diverse industries as tech, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and sporting equipment. And I have a blast doing it.

As online marketing matures in the age of the Google search, it’s vital to communicate your brand message to your clients in the form of storytelling. It’s how you’ll connect customers with your businesses. My background? Marketing and magazine publishing with a mid-career step away to raise 5 wild and wonderful kids. So if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to tell a good story. I want to help you tell yours.

Now focused on SEO, I’ve worked with companies as big as tech giant HP on its store blog to build a streamlined, multi-national organic marketing process. But my heart belongs to my small business clients, my scrappy solopreneurs, and non-profits making a big difference in so many people’s lives.

Now I’m taking the global strategies I honed running with the big dogs and bringing them to you to get your message out. Even though you don’t have the resources to run a million-dollar-a-year-plus operation, don’t worry! We can make it happen on your budget.

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