SEO For Nonprofits

Cecily Whiteside

Cecily Whiteside

Volunteers at Second Harvest of Silicon Valley with Sora Creative Content

Not-for-profit organizations have a unique struggle when it comes to ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). You need to get found by searchers who need your services, but you also need to reach and resonate with supporters.

How do you balance these two dramatically different groups when you craft your SEO website strategy for your organization? You will need to essentially create two completely different kinds of website content.

For those who use your services, you will focus your SEO efforts on local search for your service. Keywords might include something like “food banks in [your town]” or “immigration legal services for [your county or state]” with an emphasis on easy-to-find call-to-action buttons and contact information.

To reach donors for your non-profit, you will need a different approach. Crafting a strategy that provides information about your offerings along with clear ways for those who align with your ideals to get on board means appealing to a wider audience, often from a broader geographic area. Keywords here should revolve around the mission of your organization and ways that you impact your target community with your services.

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