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What you say, how you say it, and to whom it’s directed are integral components of your online marketing plan. That starts with diving into your brand and finding the message. As we build a messaging framework for your business, we can target your brand story to meet your clients’ most pressing needs.

Sora Creative Content is a content creation company designed to get your story across to customers and potential customers. In this noisy world, the message can get lost in digital deluge. With a clear, simple, accurate portrayal of who you are and what you do, Sora can help tell your story in a compelling way. Customers feel like they know you, prospects can get to know you.

Sora Creative Content can help you determine what you need, then together we can make it happen. Give your customers what they need, and grow your reach in today’s digital landscape.

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What’s my story? Nice to meet you, I’m Cecily.  I am a writer, storyteller, lifelong learner, teacher, wilderness wanderer and grammar enthusiast.  I love people, cats, and a tall tale. When I use my journalist’s instinct with my marketing knowhow, I find the story that can give your business a visiblity boost.

What will get you noticed?   What converts prospects to customers?

What can Sora do for you?

I need content for my business

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for your internet presence. Content is king, but you are the power behind the throne.


Creating a brand identity starts with some basic principles. Before you can tell people who you are and why they should do buiness with you, you need to to know yourself! Articulating your message and determining which are the key factors of the message is tough to do alone. You may be too caught up in your own story. Sora can help with the big picture, opening the doors to increased opportunity. Call today to get the ball rolling!


Have content already, but not sure if it is the best way to present your story? Need help with the ever-changing dynamic of SEO? We can revamp your current content for best practices, accuracy and enhanced user experience. Let’s talk!


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes images can convey your story when words fail. Showing your clients instead of telling them can lead to higher conversions than with just words alone.

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A compelling story about you, your business or your ideas can generate interest in customers and prospects alike. Blogging is one of the best ways to increase your SEO. Sora can ghostwrite or blog on your behalf so you have continual orginal content. Read some stories from my portfolio. Whatever the subject, the purpose is to generate interest, intrigue the reader, and create that call to action that really does move them to action. We can create your content to reflect your story and bring along your clients. Let’s get started!


Worried about punctuation, grammar or flow? Do you think your spelling and word choices may need another eye, just to make sure? We can correct your current content for accuracy to enhance user experience. Mispelling generates mistrust. We can put your mind at ease!

I need a website for my business

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to build a website. Getting an online presence can be a snap. Before you can have content, you have to have a place to put it! Let’s talk.

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Core Features


Personal Service

It’s your story, I am simply the producer. We work together to present you, your business and your ideas in the most effective manner.


There is no need to eat the whole enchalada all at once.We create a strategy and each piece is tackled with an eye to priority and budget. Step by step we get you where you want to go.


You don’t need an elaborate set-up to get your name out there. What is your current need? Let’s solve today’s problem while keeping the door open to continued growth.

A Women’s Group for Cancer Patients, Survivors

This recent article in Beacon Senior Newspaper helps cancer survivors connect with the support group in Montrose, CO https://beaconseniornews.com/health-wellness/womens-group-cancer-patients-survivors/

Fun in the Sum-sum-summertime

Published with permission of Grand Valley...

Tally Ho for Holiday Magic

Nothing is more romanitic that a carriage ride. Read the original about Grand Junction's best way to experience this holiday magic here: Talley-Ho For Holiday Magic By Cecily Whiteside There is something magical about a horse-drawn carriage ride. Joe Burtard has known...

Colorado Cool (Avenue that is)

When you visit downtown Grand Junction, make sure you go a block south of Main Street. Here you'll find some of the coolest shops on the Western Slope. Read the original version here: Colorado Cool By Cecily Whiteside For the past several years, the merchants on...

Operation Interdependence

What a wonderful way to encourage our troops and remind them - and ourselves -  of the love of people back home who are praying for them, thinking of them, and hoping for their safe return. Read the original story here: Operation Interdependence By Cecily Whiteside...

Spike TV comes the Grand Junction – Justin Nordine on Ink Shrinks

  My interview with Justin was one of those things that rarely happens to a magazine editor - a scoop! When I stopped in the Raw Canvas to ask a few questions on an unrelated topic, Justin had just found out that he had been pegged to do Ink Shrinks. He gave me the...

Take Note

This may be my favorite story I've ever written.  Read the original here: Take Note By Cecily Whiteside We have all felt that thrill. We walk to the mailbox expecting bills and sales flyers, but as we rifle through the junk mail, there, laying like a priceless jewel...

Rodeo? Lets Go!

  What fun to interview the people passionate about their sport and the animals who make it possible. Read the original here: Rodeo? Let’s Go! Fruita Rimrock Rodeo By Cecily Whiteside "This family friendly entertainment has been a place for cowboys of all experience...

Hold the Salt

It was fun to go behind the scenes for this story to see what the county is doing about salt entering the Colorado River. So many people depend on this water, from here to the Gulf of Mexico. Read the original version here: Hold the Salt, Please By Cecily Whiteside...

Parts, Passion, and Panache

  I was once an amatuer mountain bike racer. Never mind that I won every race I ever entered. That was mostly because I was what's termed "Athena" category. In other words, I was more than 160 pounds, so I never raced against the top tier in my age group. I still felt...

The Wheels of Progress

As editor of Grand Valley Magazine I sometimes get to pick my assignments instead of delegating them to someone else. I picked this one. I took Layne's story over to the shop to review it with Chip, and while there, took photos and got a tour of the facilities. Who...

Hair Styling Basics

    I'm not one to waste time on my hair. I want a few great products that make styling easier. This is my take on great hair made easy. Enjoy. Hair Styling Basics Made Easy By Cecily Whiteside It’s a familiar story. You walk out of the beauty salon with a gorgeous...

A Brief History of Beer

I love beer. Amber is my favorite, and it has to be microbrew. If you join me for one, I'll spot you the first. Here is the unedited original of this story: A Brief History of Beer By Cecily Whiteside The nectar of the gods, also known as beer, has had a long and...

History meets Adventure

What a fabulous group of people; passionate, learned and embracing. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening I spent with them.   http://www.beaconseniornews.com/2016/08/31/history-meets-adventure-in-western-colorado/  ...


    OpenOptic is a fascinating look at the potential fiber brings to the Grand Valley. Read the original story here: OpenOptic — A Revolution in Communication By Cecily Whiteside Each revolution starts with an idea. In the world of tech, there are industry shifts that...

Lee Mathis ’08, CMU Alumnus

When I graduated from CMU, I started writing and editing for a number of magazines. When I got asked to do a profile on another recent CMU grad, who was also a non-trad student, I jumped at the chance. Read the unedited version here: Colorado Style Meets Southern Chow...

Pamela Krch ’09, CMU Alumna

Hard work has paid off for Pamela Krch. Read the original here: Meet the Doctor By Cecily Whiteside When Pamela Krch graduated from CMU, then Mesa State College, in 2007, she had no idea that her path was going to lead all the way to a PhD. “I dropped out of CU...

The Beauty of H2O

Since I live in the desert I seem to keep coming back around to hydration in every publication I contribute to. Here is the unedited version of this article: The Beauty of Water By Cecily Whiteside Water is the body’s most powerful weapon in your beauty arsenal. It...

Beauty and Weight in the Modern World

Body image has played a huge role in my life. This is an article based on my own experience as well as research and antidotal evidence. While I have come to understand my own body and what makes it feel its best, I am continually trying to reconcile my own thoughts...

The Sky’s the Limit

        This Launch series has given me the opportunity to learn about some amazing things going on in the Grand Valley, and throughout western Colorado. Stay tuned for more great innovators. The Sky’s the Limit DragonflyAI, a Division of HRL Compliance Solutions,...

Oil or Lotion, Is There a Magic Potion?

I have recently switched from using skin lotion to using oils for my after-shower moisturizer. Here's why: Read the unedited version here. Oil or Lotion? Is There a Magic Potion? By Cecily Whiteside I have a friend who has used olive oil as her body-lotion-of-choice...

Home Care of the Grand Valley

One of the best parts of my calling is the people I meet. Stacey Mascarenas is one such person. She is enthusiastic and talented and was a pleasure to meet. Thank you, Stacey for your service to the Valley!  ...

School Busses (and their Drivers)

    One of the best things about being editor at Grand Valley Magazine has been the chance to use fun photos of friends and family. My parents drive a bus for special needs kids in Fountain Hills AZ. One time when I was visiting them, they drove by the house on their...

Palisade Peaches – Peach Caprese Salad Recipe

All focus was on the Tour of the Valley for this issue. At the last minute the production staff had the horrifying realization that we had no mention of peaches in the issue - and it was peach season! Palisade is all about their peaches (better than Georgia peaches in...

30 Years of Beautiful Music

As Dr. Monte Atkinson's tenure as director of the Chorale winds downs, the community has voiced their appreciation of his contribution to the quality of life in the Grand Valley. Culture and music are vital parts of a community's identity and Dr. Atkinson added to...

Meaningful Beauty

      Published with permission of Grand Valley...

Winefest Commemorative Artist

Published with permission of Grand Valley...

Finding Peace, Folding Paper

  Published with permission of Grand Valley...

The Trip of a Lifetime

  Published with permission of Grand Valley...


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